How to Avoid Walmart Gift Card Phone Swindle

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The free Walmart gift card offer is almost everywhere lately but some are false. If you are not yet aware of these programs, you may ask why they offer a gift card from Walmart absolutely free. Some offers are completely legit and free and all you need to do is to submit your email or zip code, while others (fake) requires you to fill-up a long form asking you lots of specific details, or even asking you to complete promotional offers with your credit card number needed to complete the process. We want to warn you that these long form filing is complete false and you could end up sharing your identity to wrong people.

This scam usually start off with a phone call from someone who is claiming to be a Walmart employee, or they may send you a short text message. This person will claim to be calling as representative of Walmart customer appreciation program. You will then be asked for your personal financial details including credit card number as part of their so-called verification process.
Walmart Corporation does not have any direct promotional gift card programs. The free Walmart gift cards you may find in this page or in any other similar websites are owned by third party advertisers and retailers profiting from promoting Walmart products. Although they are not part of Walmart, these companies and offers are legit. Those calling you over the phone are not. Do not give your credit card number or any contact details over the phone to people whom you don’t know.

If you want to find out more information about this scam, you may contact the Walmart Consumer Protection program or contact the Federal Trade Commission, or any government fraud office. make sure to get the number of the person calling you if you have the chance.

If you want more information about this scan and you can protect yourself then Walmart has a privacy website to help you out. In addition, you can pursue the matter further by contacting the Federal Trade Commission, or the consumer fraud office for the attorney general of your state. When someone asks you through phone, just tell them politely that you are not interested, get the number, and report to authorities.

More information about the real free gift cards available online through legit websites can be found in Free Samples By Mail and Free Gift Cards websites.

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